Introducing to surfing / Grop lesson

at Adishats Surf School

Want to learn about surfing?

In Capbreton, join us for a group lesson of 1h30 in the water, or 2h, learn the basics and vocabulary of a technical and evolving sport.

We also do business internships, hen parties. A “special family” formula is available from 4 to 8 people. Contact us by mail.

Low season rates

1 course : 36€ / people
2 courses : 70€ / people
5 courses : 145€ / people

High season rates (07 of july – 30 of august)

1 course : 40€ / people
2 courses : 78€ / people
5 courses : 165€ / people


A course of maximum 8 people.
This is the program most wanted by parents who want to teach their children. They learn the sport together and meet other people who as them want to learn while having fun.
(hardware, insurance and FFS liscence included)